“We The People” is more than just a phrase…

Here it is, my 1st post. I want to start by saying I’m a private type of guy so this is definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, but I believe that everyday normal people like me and most of you need to be heard loud and clear. To be honest I don’t want to do this and many people tell me not to, that politics are dirty and it will hurt my business, my life etc, but I really feel that if the 2022 midterms stay in the hands of the corrupt politicians then we lose America as we know it.

I’m running on one reason and one reason only, to keep America great even if I have to make sacrifices. The current polls show the majority of people agree that our country is headed in the wrong direction. My whole objective here is to take back the power from the government and give it to the people. “We The People” is more than just a phrase it’s what the constitution was founded on and that’s where the power needs to be and stay.

Moving forward, every Sunday I will upload a video of my thoughts of the past week’s news events so everyone knows where I’m coming from along with updates to my blog. I will be 100% transparent to earn your vote from both sides of the aisle. I would love to get your feedback and tips to help me move forward in the right direction.

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