Clearly this country is divided but not as divided as you may think. I believe a lot of this so called division is from the corrupt media and politicians. It’s easy to see this country is not going in the right direction and the question is why. There is only one answer, it is our leadership and that needs to change. “We The People” is more than just a phrase it’s what the Constitution was founded on and that’s where the power needs to be and stay.

There have been concerns developing over the last decade but recently our country has been confronted with high inflation, bad economy, boarder crisis, parents rights threatened/challenged, violent crimes are surging, “defund the police” movement, Covid, political instability and a Constitutional crisis to name a few.

The future of our country is at stake, America needs to come first in both foreign and domestic policies.

The following in my opinion are things that we must uphold and acknowledge :

  • Abiding by the Constitution as it was written
  • Lower taxes
  • Strong boarders
  • Strong military
  • Strong economy
  • Law and order
  • Parents rights
  • Pro life
  • Acknowledging that we all are created equal
  • Our rights come from God not the government
  • Religious freedom
  • Protecting the 2nd amendment
  • Freedom of speech
  • Fair elections in which every legal vote counts

As George Washington stated “The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.”  “We The People” need to take back control and not leave it up to corrupt politicians who have been in for too long and are undermining our Freedoms.

I’m taking a totally different approach to all of this than I think that’s ever been done. Every Sunday I will upload a video of my thoughts of the past week’s news events so everyone knows where I’m coming from. I will be 100% transparent to earn your vote, I don’t want someone going to the polls and voting down the line of column A or B. People should vote for the candidate they agree with even even if they are on the opposite aisle. In the end we are all on the same side, bleed the same blood and should feel blessed to live in the greatest country on Earth, America!

I’m forming an exploratory committee to test the potential for a 2022 candidacy. I am self funded, I have no donors and have no obligations to anyone. I am running for One reason and One reason only, to keep America Great!

I’m Brandon J Meara and I’m running on common sense not politics.

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